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Sonoma County's Elite AAU Basketball Program

We are Sonoma County's premier youth TRAVEL basketball program for boys and girls in 3rd through 12th grade.  As northern California's only ELITE year round basketball training program, we are committed to developing our young athletes both on and off the court and to improving the basketball skills of each individual player.  

Ready to take your skills to the next level?  Give us six months!

With our staff of dedicated and experienced coaches, we have implemented a rigorous basketball and strength/conditioning program that will enable your kids to gain the following:

  • LEARN Accountability and Respect
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of Selflessness and Team Work
  • APPRECIATE and see the results of their Hard Work
  • INCREASE their Confidence in Individual skills and Team basketball fundamentals
  • BECOME accomplished elite basketball players

Your kids will walk out of practice with more confidence knowing their BAD habits were corrected, GOOD habits were reinforced and that they were CHALLENGED.   As Lebron James said, "Nothing is Given, Everything is Earned."  Make no mistake.  Your kids WILL BE challenged.  They will be UNCOMFORTABLE.  AND, they will grow and become ELITE basketball players!  

We appreciate the opportunity to Empower your kids and to help them Reach their TRUE basketball potential.  

Johnie H. Parham Jr.

Athletic Director

Mid City Basketball Club

"Hard work beats Talent when Talent FAILS to Work Hard"
Kevin Durant ~ 
Golden State Warriors

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